Holotropic Breathwork Retreat in Calgary

Holotropic Breathwork Retreat in Calgary
To register …please complete and return the attached informed consent, choose your sleeping choice, attend an introductory talk and send registration fees. 

Process To Register for Calgary Retreats:

1- make sure your schedule is clear for the retreat dates FRIDAY NOVEMBER 25th at 7pm till SUNDAY NOVEMBER 27th at 2pm.

2- complete and return consent form attached in this email (return to Jane email calgaryholotropicbreathwork@gmail.com)

3- choose sleeping arrangement and confirm availability via email above (options- your home, camping out on mat in breathwork space for 30/night or one of 3 bedrooms for 75/night)

4 – once your consent has been reviewed and sleeping arrangements confirmed by Jane then send the registration fee ($500 + room costs) to secure your spot 🙂 – send e-transfer to Jane at

**we are always open to work exchange /discussing costs if you are in financial need 
5- Attend an Introductory Call

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