Carolyn Green

Carolyn Green
Province(s): British Columbia
City/cities: Victoria, Vancouver, Vancouver Island
Carolyn Green, BSc(PT), PhD, started her own adventures in self-discovery using breathwork with Dr Ingrid Pacey in 1993 then completed the Grof Transpersonal Training program in 1999. She has facilitated over a thousand non ordinary sessions using Holotropic BreathworkTM in workshops and individual sessions in BC and Alberta and co-founded She is also a practicing academic who has degrees from McMaster, University of British Columbia, University of Victoria and the University of Alberta. Her current research is in the area of pharmaceutical safety and policy research. She is a non-practicing physical therapist (with decades of experience) and has worked in volunteer capacities in China, Africa, the Caribbean and Nepal involved, for example, in training the first Nepalese physical rehabilitation workers. For Carolyn the Holotropic Paradigm is powerful and valuable because it blends the best of the western scientific scholarly traditions with the practical wisdom of longstanding world spiritual traditions to provide rapid access to the power within.

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