VANCOUVER Daylong Holotropic Breathwork Intensive

VANCOUVER Daylong Holotropic Breathwork Intensive

Grof® Holotropic Breathwork uses Breath as a Sacred Medicine to evoke extra-ordinary states of consciousness for self-discovery and healing using accelerated breathing to an exquisitely beautiful and powerful music-scape. Dr Stanislav Grof and his late wife Christina pioneered this approach starting in the 1970s when research into the healing potential of non ordinary states with psychedelic medicines was stopped. Although the protocol for Grof® Breathwork is similar to that used for sacred and psychedelic medicines, it is a substance-free and natural approach to expanding consciousness and integrating mind, body and spirit. A session follows the basic set and setting of a psychedelic session and therefore is used in the training of psychotherapists.

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The workshop day itself is highly experiential. Therefore there is an introduction and preparation zoom meeting on Wed Mar 22 at 7pm (recorded) and an integration meeting Mon Mar 27 at 7pm. A light meal is included. Early bird price is $175.

This workshop is hosted by Grof Legacy Training Canada trainer and certified Holotropic Breathwork facilitator Carolyn Green PhD with a support team. Carolyn has been leading breathworkshops since 1999.

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